Meet Mandy Kordal — Founder of Sustainable Knitwear Line Kordal Studio

Contrapreneur — Mandy Kordal

Mandy Kordal, founder and owner of Kordal Studio talks about sustainable clothing, alternative education, doing business in the modern NYC fashion industry and what success is. Kordal Studio’s mission is to create garments in an ethical manner by paying workers a fair wage, designing garments that are not trend focused, and using natural and organic textiles whenever possible. Mandy makes some garments in her Brooklyn, NYC studio and collaborates with weavers in South America.

Mandy & I met when she was visiting California for the Varda Artist’s Residency. Being accustomed to living in new places, I asked if she needed anything, or just wanted to meet up for company! She chose to go hiking in Marin with me. I got us SO lost. And there was a rattlesnake. Mandy is a all-around super human being. I hope you enjoy our conversation!

To learn more about Mandy and her work, listen to our podcast.

Sarah Danu