EP 2 — The Business of Adaptogens with Sun Potion's Founder, Scott Linde

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Scott Linde talks about how he started Sun Potion nearly 8 years ago, the ways he sources plants, how code is incorporated into his business and so much more. This is a good listen! Sharing stories like Sun Potion’s is exactly why I created Contrapreneur. As Scott would say, in-joy!

In this episode we talk about...

  • Scott’s upbringing - an early intro to plant science, rigorously structured schooling and how he ended up in California

  • Tuning into the body by receiving rolfing

  • His first superfood smoothies - by the vitamix full!

  • How Sun Potion sources their products

  • Beginning to work with labs to test bioavailability and bioactivity

  • The foundation of introducing the plants to the people

  • Adaptogens are burgeoning in popularity, but they’re ancient!

  • Ron Teeguarden of Dragon Herbs - mentor making excellent herbs

  • Collaboration in the herbal wellness field

  • Redefining what it means to be a shareholder

  • Started the company with $10,000 of personal savings

  • Had a customer purchasing $10,000 of product monthly from the start

  • Not interested in having investors to grow Sun Potion any faster than it is organically growing

  • Authentic representation of life

  • 99% is a bitch and 100% is a breeze

  • Sees business as a service vehicle to the plants

  • Contracts a lot of work out

  • “This business will grow just as long as you’re growing. It will grow as much as you’re able to grow. It’s okay whenever you decide you want to stop growing, you should just know the business will stop growing too.”

  • Finds the accountability of a Vistage group beneficial

  • Why Sun Potion is diverging into natural fabrics