EP 3 — Investing In The Future with CEO Tony Arnerich

Investing In The Future with CEO Tony Arnerich

Tony Arnerich is the CEO of Arnerich Massena, co-founder of 3x5 and advisor to many mission-driven companies, including Fish People, a pacific northwest coast sustainable, traceable seafood company.

We met in line at a bakery in Santa Barbara and started a conversation about working with one’s spouses that flowed into talking about getting more women involved in business, particularly the business of money,

His first taste of entrepreneurship was inspired by a not-so-great towing experience. In the 70s, he and a friend bought a tow truck for $1,300, printed some business cards and just got started, even though he claims it was not really his thing at all. Years later, he sold the towing business and with the bit of profit from selling the land, he moved to Portland and opened up a restaurant.

Tune in to the show to learn about Tony’s entrepreneurial journey!

In This Episode We Talk About:

  • Investing in sustainable versions of what he sees to be the biggest challenges of the future - food, water, energy and healthcare

  • Demonstrating leadership by being the first to put money into forward-looking investments

  • Good business ideas must be economically profitable

  • “We are not giving up one nickel of return in order to make a positive impact. We have to work harder. For the most part, people just have to get out there and get it done.” - Tony Arnerich

  • How investing allows insight into the future to invest in solutions

  • “Opportunity is a spark. You never know where the fire is going to come from.” — Tony Arnerich

  • The importance of having women on your boards for diversity of thought and experience

  • “What I’ve found with companies that I invest in that have women in the c-suite and on boards, they perform the best. Statistically.” — Tony Arnerich

  • “Statistically, we can prove that women own businesses, women run businesses and have higher financial metrics than those that are solely male.” — Tony Arnerich

  • Network is source of investment deal flows

  • “The essence of a great private equity firm is there deal flow. You build deal flow by building relationships.” — Tony Arnerich

  • “Less resistance. Success is having good energy flow.” — Tony Arnerich

  • The future of capitalism… or something else… and why it doesn’t really matter in the present

  • Who are three mentors/businesses you look up to?

    • John Gray of Portland, Oregon, Ken Plasse, CEO of Fish People and Cody Friesen, CEO & Founder of Zero Mass Water… plus the support of his family.

Investing In The Future with CEO Tony Arnerich
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