EP 7 — Creating Handyma'am, A Women's Workwear Company, with Founder Bella Weinstein

Contrapreneur The Podcast Interviews Handyma'am Women's Workwear

Handyma’am was born in 2014 when Bella found herself underwhelmed with the selection of well-made, durable clothing for women in the marketplace.

Working as a hairstylist, with a ton of hands-on hobbies—woodworking, riding motorcycles, tearing down walls and building new ones—Bella needed workwear that could fit with her can’t-sit-still lifestyle. So she got hands-on and made her own!

Bella had no background in design or fashion, but she found the resources she needed to create a technical, super-durable women’s workwear piece. Bella’s story is something else. We talk in detail about using kickstarter to launch a business, then & now.

Bella shares her vision for slow, quality product-focused growth, talks about the challenges of producing clothing in America and shares what she’s learned about business and herself through her work with Handyma’am.


Ultimately, if you want to learn anything you can. If you have the drive you can figure it out.
— Bella Weinstein
Collaboration is the way of business in the future.
— Bella Weinstein
I banned the word busy.
— Sarah Danu
You can’t be an entrepreneur without self-care. If you’re not putting yourself first, you’re not going to have an idea that’s creative enough to start a business.
— Sarah Danu
Reevaluate and reevaluate often.
— Bella Weinstein


In This Episode We Talk About:

  • The workwear Handyma’am creates

  • Function comes first for Handyma’am goods but form is very important too

  • Bella’s background has nothing to do with clothing business

  • Handyma’am came from Bella’s need for clothing that could keep up with her active hands-on lifestyle

  • Learning new things with grit and drive

  • Didn’t want to go through the effort of making just one jumpsuit, so a business was born

  • The spark for Handyma’am came from a passion for collecting jumpsuits

  • Bella was already called Handyma’am by her roommates and this is where her name came from

  • Starting a business with Kickstarter

  • Designing the Kickstarter to enrich rather than just raise money for her coverall production

  • The financial reality of expanding sizing and perfecting fit

  • Word spread rapidly through friends and family because she already had a small run of coveralls in circulation for about 1.5 years before her kickstarter

  • Products designed for longevity and working on a repair aspect of the business

  • Learning that delegating is a weakness and overcoming it

  • Collaborations with other handyma’am business owners to lift everybody up - finds collaborations more interesting than always focusing on releasing new products

  • Mental health, success & business

  • Being okay with slow growth

  • Using instagram to sell in the changing time of instagram

  • Elevating women who support Handyma’am as what they want to be seen as

  • Exercise as a form of self care


Handyma’am is her own women at this point. She’s strong. She’s funny but smart. She’s someone breaking down stereotypes. She’s beautiful & feminine, but also very handy.
— Bella Weinstein
Contrapreneur Podcast — Creating Handyma'am, A Women's Workwear Company, with Founder Bella Weinstein
Contrapreneur EP 7 — Creating Handyma'am, A Women's Workwear Company, with Founder Bella Weinstein
Being happy is more important than being busy.
— Bella Weinstein
Sarah Danu